Hey. It's Alok.

Just another CS person.

I am a problem solver.


Hi, I'm Alok! I'm an 21-year old senior at Georgia Tech studying computer science with a focus on theory and systems. I'm mainly interested in algorithms, particularly parallel and streaming graph algorithms, and high-performance computing. My passion lies in designing efficient and elegant algorithms that take advantage of powerful systems. I mainly work with Java and C, but I've also worked with Python, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. I'm also trying to learn some functional programming languages, such as Rust.

I'm currently doing research under Oded Green and David Bader in the High Performance Computing Lab at Georgia Tech. We're working to efficiently solve difficult algorithmic graph problems with the power of high performance computing. I also interned at Bloomberg L.P. on their Extraction team. Our job was to use machine learning methods to locate and extract data from tables within PDF files.

In my free time, I like to play a lot of CTFs. I'm currently on the jmp-esp CTF team, but have played on Team 9 and (briefly) 1064CBread in the past. I love working on pwnable and reverse engineering problems, and have had lots of fun playing CTFs such as CSAW (Quals and Finals), Codegate Junior (Quals and Finals), PlaidCTF, and PicoCTF.

I also watch a decent amount of sports, mainly baseball and college football. Go Yankees and Jackets!

I'm on the internet a fair amount, mostly Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and IRC (freenode and pdgn). Most of my newer accounts are under the handle alokpathy, though older ones are still under kullalok.

Thanks for stopping by!


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